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An Introductory Briefing on Programming.

A computer program is a collection of instruction. Programmer writes program using programming language. It is designed to perform a particular job. During executing program compiler convert source code into machine language. so computer can understand user command and give output. Here I will discuss on programming for those novice learner who are willing to develop their career in programming.
there are many programming language which is used today to develop software. Some are given below. C, C++, Java, C#.NET, VB.NET, Python etc.

Data Type:

data is the pieces of information. it is classified in various data type. such as
String refers to text data.
Integer refers to whole number.
decimal refers to floating point data.
Boolean for true false data.etc.


it is like a container which contains changeable value. Variable uses computer memory (RAM) to store value. Every programming language has own syntax to declare a variable. Generally variable has two parts. One is variable name and another is its data type.
  • In VB.Net
  • Dim a as Integer
  • a = 50
  • In C#.Net
  • int a;
  • a = 50;


it is like a variable. But variable can contains one value and array can contains list of values.
Variable student String = ‘kamal’.
Array student[] = new student[];

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